In English

Suomen ART (Finnish Aggression Replacement Training® Society) ry is a non-profit organization. The aim of the organization is to diminish youth violence in Finland by advocating the use of Aggression Replacement Training® (ART). The organization is founded 2004.

Our principles are:

  • ART should be freely available for practitioners to use.
  • ART training should be of good quality but so inexpensive that it is affordable to all professions.
  • ART training and material should be available in Finnish language.
  • We warmly welcome all people to join the Association. Everybody has a chance to join and be active!

What do we do?

  • We organize ART and Family TIES training for professionals who work with kids (for example a 2,5 day Introductory Training, a 5 day Instructor Training, seminar days with Finnish and foreign ART experts).
  • We translate and publish ART and Family Ties literature.
  • We try to foster ART interested research in Finland.
  • We offer possibilities to interact with other ART enthusiastic professionals.

 We support our members in their ART work (small scale financial support to individuals who wish to study ART better; host an ART library with relevant books; help members to share the material that they have produced to other members; etc.)

–       We try to keep in touch with the international ART communities.

We have about 250 members (September 2021). The Board consists of people from different backgrounds and from different parts of Finland. The current Board is listed in the page “Yhteystiedot”. The board is elected by the annual general meeting in March-May every year.